TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Federal authorities have confiscated shipments of a lethal-injection chemical that Arizona and Texas tried to bring in from abroad, saying such imports are illegal — a move that compounds the nation’s severe shortage of execution drugs.

The Food and Drug Administration said Friday that it impounded orders of sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used in past executions in combination with drugs that paralyze the muscles and stop the heart. The anesthetic currently has no legal uses in the U.S.

“Courts have concluded that sodium thiopental for the injection in humans is an unapproved drug and may not be imported into the country,” FDA spokesman Jeff Ventura said in a statement.

Continue reading:  Feds confiscate lethal-injection drugs imported by 2 states

Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  A “severe shortage of execution drugs” is a very, very good thing in our opinion.  Kudos to the FDA.


6 thoughts on “Feds confiscate lethal-injection drugs imported by 2 states

  1. Well, pardner, I sayz we just gots ta go back ta good ole hangin’s ta kill killers. Hee Haw!!!! I do miss hangin’s!! Which reminds me, my pappy died dancin’, at da end of a rope!!!!! Hee Haw!!!!! This is the best thing the FDA’s done in some time, I say.

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