“This I think is the fourth one of these I had to write about. I was struck by the last bit by the president, where he talked about other things where you react to. The fact remains we only allow ourselves two political parties in this country. And one of our political parties is completely insane. It’s the party that when we have mine disasters, blocks mine regulations. It’s the party that says when we want to fix our roads, you can’t have an infrastructure bill. You can’t raise the gas tax. It’s the party that when some people have floods, like New Jersey, marks Chris Christie lousy because he accepted help from the federal government. And we have the same party who has somewhere between three and 600 people running for president, none of whom will do anything about the problem of mass shootings in America.”

Esquire political blogger Charlie Pierce

From:  Esquire’s Charlie Pierce on Oregon massacre: ‘One of our political parties is completely insane’

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