“… Boehner had the misfortune of leading, or attempting to lead, his party in an era when it had run up to the limits of crazy, where the only unexplored frontiers of extremism lay beyond the reach of its Constitutional powers.”

– Commentator and writer Jonathan Chait

From:  The Dark Truth Of John Boehner’s Resignation

“The degree of government has been the debate in our country for a couple hundred years. How much government? How much federal, how much local and state? So that’s a legitimate place of where you are on the spectrum. But anti-governance—shut it down and celebrate—that is unacceptable. And President Washington, as he was leaving office, cautioned against political parties of which were at war with their own government. And that’s really what we’re seeing evidence of now—a political party at war with its own government.”

– House Minority Leader and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi

From:  Pelosi: The GOP is ‘a political party at war with its own government’

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