We should not have a multicultural society.”

– Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush

From:  Jeb Bush warns America is on dangerous path to European-style multiculturalism as he tells Iowans ‘you have to have people assimilate into society’

Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  One wonders whether Jeb would say something like this if his political party wasn’t dominated by a bunch of xenophobes and racists, and whether Jeb would be willing to stop eating the ethnic food his Mexican-American wife might prepare or order for him.

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush opposes Multiculturalism in America

  1. We need to have racist bigots like Jeb grow hearts and empathy for others who differ from them. This is what we need, but, trying to convince this to the idjits in the Republican Party is not, IMO, humanly possible. That a-holes like Bush are not ridiculed off the public stage for their hate-filled, disgusting views speaks volumes to me about the apathy and over-all laziness of the American public. Somehow, the average person in the street thinks this type of fascist hate isn’t as destructive to our democracy and our nation as it truly is, and that makes me both angry and sad at the same time.


    • Noel, I accept the inference of your question as true – no one in their right mind would be opposed to multiculturalism. The fact that many Americans are opposed to multiculturalism must lead us to the logical conclusion that not everything is right in their minds. Following this rational line of thinking, it can be surmised that xenophobia, bigotry and racism are forms of mental illness. Jeff is correct.

      That said, I do not believe Jeb Bush personally opposes multiculturalism. Rather, I believe he felt compelled to publicly express such sentiment in order to garner support for his failing candidacy. If true, that might suggest another kind of mental disorder – a willingness to sacrifice one’s moral and ethical principles simply to achieve some material goal.


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