Some of the world’s most prominent companies are expected to set a long-term target on Wednesday of powering their operations entirely with renewable energy, the latest in a wave of commitments suggesting that corporations are becoming more serious about battling global warming.

In addition, backers of a campaign to divest from fossil fuels announced Tuesday that investment managers controlling assets of $2.6 trillion had joined their effort, a 50-fold increase from a year ago and a sign that the divestment movement had spread far beyond its modest origins on American college campuses.

Nine major companies are expected on Wednesday to join a global coalition of firms intent on converting to renewable energy. The new members include Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Walmart and Goldman Sachs. A handful of the companies have already reached the 100 percent target; others do not expect to do so for several decades, but they are typically setting aggressive interim targets.

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  1. Probably public relations, but another reason could be the bottom line. With the cost of solar installation going down and equal or less than traditional energy, the bean counters are calculating a point where energy with renewable means much less energy expense, becoming desirable for profits. The energy policy and seeming total lack of leadership in the United States is nothing more than pathetic considering the untapped huge potentials.

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