The big policy headline today comes from the Wall Street Journal, which delivers this alarming message:

Price Tag of Bernie Sanders’ Proposals: $18 Trillion

Holy cow! He must be advocating for some crazy stuff that will bankrupt America! But is that really an accurate picture of what Sanders is proposing? And is this the kind of number we should be frightened of?

The answer isn’t quite so dramatic: while Sanders does want to spend significant amounts of money, almost all of it is on things we’re already paying for; he just wants to change how we pay for them. In some ways it’s by spreading out a cost currently borne by a limited number of people to all taxpayers. His plan for free public college would do this: right now, it’s paid for by students and their families, while under Sanders’ plan we’d all pay for it in the same way we all pay for parks or the military or food safety.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  Note that the Wall Street Journal is published by Dow Jones & Company a division of News Corp which was founded, along with the right-wing propaganda machine Fox News, by Rupert Murdoch.

4 thoughts on “No, Bernie Sanders is not going to bankrupt America to the tune of $18 trillion

  1. I was having a political discussion with my mom last night, and that was the first thing that came out of her mouth when I brought up Sanders. She had already been indoctrinated by the MSM to believe this BS and she’s a democrat.


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