Former U.S. Marshal and DEA Agent Matthew Fogg has been speaking out against police brutality and racism and the drug war since he left law enforcement. The freethoughtproject breaks down part of an interview he did with Brave New Films. In it he discusses succinctly and with the clarity of a diamond one of the basic fundamental problems with how law enforcement policy works—and more specifically, policy around the war on drugs.


That’s when I asked the question, well, don’t they sell drugs out in Potomac and Springfield, and places like that? Maybe you all think they don’t, but statistics show they use more drugs out in those areas than anywhere. The special agent in charge, he says ‘You know, if we go out there and start messing with those folks, they know judges, they know lawyers, they know politicians. You start locking their kids up; somebody’s going to jerk our chain.’ He said, ‘they’re going to call us on it, and before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.’”

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