FERGUSON, Mo. (Reuters) – Riot police clashed early on Tuesday with protesters in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri marking the anniversary of the police shooting of an unarmed black teen whose death sparked a national outcry over strained race relations.

About 200 demonstrators, some waving flags, beating drums, and shouting anti-police slogans, marched along a street that was a flashpoint of riots that erupted last year after white police officer Darren Wilson killed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

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4 thoughts on “Protests return to Ferguson streets, state of emergency declared

  1. This is truly distressing. We do know how to deal with conflict in ways that reduce the likelihood of violence and increase chances for finding and addressing root causes. It’s really not rocket science. Instead, the unimaginative who wield guns choose to perpetuate and escalate violence out of fear (?), ignorance (?), laziness (?), misplaced bravado (?), a leadership that eggs them on (?), or because it’s how we’ve always done things (?). Where is the leadership that says enough is enough – let’s sit down together and figure this out because we all matter?


    • Yes, to say that this is a “mess” would be a gross understatement. The solutions truly are not rocket science, but it assumes that all parties are acting in good faith. Unfortunately, I contend that such is not the case and that interests and forces are deliberately trying to impose their will.


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