Are you getting daily emails from a group calling itself “End Citizens United”? We’ve been getting tons of questions about who this group is, and a bunch of messages from confused people thinking that these emails are coming from Move to Amend. Let me assure you, they are NOT Move to Amend.

We’ve now been asked by dozens and dozens of our supporters to send an email to our full list to shine a light on what’s going on here…

This shadowy “End Citizens United” group popped up on the scene just as the 2016 Presidential candidates are starting to declare their campaigns. This Super PAC claims to be working against Citizens United and putting an “End to Corporate Personhood” but a visit to their website says otherwise:


They say they’ve already collected a million dollars. But what are they going to do with the money since they have no actual campaign against Citizens United? Our sources tell us they are a group of individuals who formed this PAC to raise funds for Democrats running for office in the upcoming election. Recently they updated their website with some information about this, but details on how this will help end corporate personhood are thin at best.


Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
National Director
Move to Amend Coalition

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