In a major victory for Gov. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled early Thursday morning along partisan lines to halt the investigation into whether the newest Republican presidential candidate illegally coordinated with right-wing advocacy groups during his 2012 recall campaign.

Saying they want to “prevent the chilling of otherwise protected speech,” the Court’s four conservative justices ordered that the probe be terminated, and that those working on the case “permanently destroy all copies of information and other materials obtained through the investigation.” They also emphasize that anyone connected with the alleged crime is not longer obligated to cooperate with investigators.


Now, watchdog groups in Wisconsin are crying foul, pointing to the serious conflicts of interests on the court. Primarily, the very outside political groups accused of coordinating with Walker’s campaign — including Club for Growth, Citizens for a Strong America and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce — spent millions to help the conservative justices win their seats on the court.

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