Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras turned Tuesday to shoring up support at home for his plan to end a five-month standoff with creditors that has brought his nation to the edge of default.

Tsipras needs to ensure his coalition, ranging from Maoists to Social Democrats, will back proposals he outlined Monday that include eliminating early retirement options, raising the sales tax, increasing taxes on middle- and high-income earners and introducing a new levy for companies with annual profit of more than 500,000 euros ($568,000).

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  Since a Greek default on its debt obligations would likely trigger its exit from the European Union and could potentially lead to other departures, everyone involved wants to get a deal done as quickly as possible.  But if Tsipras caves-in to austerity demands, his left-wing coalition government will probably disintegrate.

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