Charles Murray, an author who GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently named first when he was asked which books have had a big impact upon him, is not an elected official, so he is free to rail against democracy to his heart’s content. And that is exactly what he does in his new book, By The People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission.

Pay no attention to the title. Government “by the people” is the last thing Murray cares to see. Murray admits that the kind of government he seeks, a libertarian fantasy where much of our nation’s regulatory and welfare state has been dismantled, is “beyond the reach of the electoral process and the legislative process.” He also thinks it beyond the branch of government that is appointed by elected officials.


King George’s Revenge

Murray is probably best known for co-authoring 1994’s The Bell Curve, a quasi-eugenic tract which argued that black people are genetically disposed to be less intelligent that white people. Yet, while The Bell Curvepractically spawned an entire field of scholarship devoted to debunking it,” Murray remains one of the most influential conservative thinkers in America today.


11 thoughts on “Jeb Bush’s Favorite Author Rejects Democracy, Says The Hyper-Rich Should Seize Power

  1. Murray is a racist, elitist ass, of course Jeb Bush would admire him. I keep thinking that, perhaps, his 15 minutes are up, but then, POW! I’m reminded he’s part of the 4th Reich movement to make America a land for only the wealthy and the white.

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  2. Guess we’ve had fair warning now, unless Leslie is right. Anyone else remember the ‘good old days’ when greedy, bigoted creeps at least pretended to be human in public? well, that wasn’t great either. But I am thoroughly sick of having these bastards rip me off, spit in my face, and then demand that I take it and like it!


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