A blistering heat wave in India has killed nearly 1,400 people in the country in less than one week.

At least 1,020 people have died in Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India, while 340 people have died in the adjacent state of Telangana. In northeastern West Bengal and Orissa, at least 24 people have died. Most of the deaths, according to officials, have been among construction workers, the elderly, and the homeless — people who are typically most exposed to high heat and who don’t have access to air conditioning.


In some regions, temperatures have reached a scorching 122°F — heat that’s melted sections of roads in some cities and that’s close, according to the Guardian, to the country’s all-time high of 123°F.

Continue reading:  http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2015/05/26/3662797/india-heat-wave-deaths/

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Heat Wave In India Is Killing People And Melting Roads

  1. I’ve read, by the end of the century, a global temp rise of 5 or 6 degrees is likely. The earth hasn’t been that warm for millions of years, long before humans ever evolved on it. In other words, we’re creating a world we’re not evolved to live in. Ugh.


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