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This video from Britain about Colombia says about itself:

BP and Ocensa – the oil companies and the assassins | Guardian Investigations

22 May 2015

Colombian trade unionist Gilberto Torres claims oil firms BP and Ocensa funded paramilitaries who abducted and planned to murder him.

Watch the extraordinary testimony of his captors, who say they got $40,000 extra for the kidnap and murder of the union man.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Colombian takes BP to court in UK over alleged complicity in kidnap and torture

BP says it will defend unprecedented claim by trade union leader Gilberto Torres in case that spotlights role of big carbon in one of Colombia’s darkest periods

Mary Carson, Adrian Gatton, Rodrigo Vázquez and Maggie O’Kane

Friday 22 May 2015 07.57 BST

A Colombian trade union leader is beginning an unprecedented claim for damages against BP in the high court in London

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5 thoughts on “‘BP complicit in torturing Colombian trade unionist’

  1. Fascinating account, and horrific. If the U.S. continues course, and turns into a 3rd-world country, it’s what we can expect on our own soil.

    BTW, eco-activists are murdered in Central America.

    ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ – Lord Acton.

    Multinational corporations must be reigned-in.


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