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“I am especially worried about the impact that investor-state-arbitrations (ISDS) have already had and foreseeably will have on human rights, in particular the provision which allows investors to challenge domestic legislation and administrative decisions if these can potentially reduce their profits.”

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

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GENEVA (23 April 2015) – The Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred de Zayas, expressed Thursday his deep concern over the general lack of awareness on the adverse effects that existing, or under negotiations, bilateral and multilateral free trade and investment agreements have on the enjoyment of human rights in many countries, particularly in the developing world.   

“I am concerned about the secrecy surrounding negotiations for trade treaties, which have excluded key stakeholder groups from the process, including labour unions, environmental protection groups, food-safety movements and health professionals. 
Proactive disclosure by governments, genuine consultation and public participation in decision-making are indispensable to make these agreements democratically legitimate. 
“Fast-tracking” adoption of such treaties has a detrimental impact on the promotion of a democratic and equitable world order. 
It is tantamount to disenfranchising the public and constitutes a…

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