12 thoughts on “Dr. Michio Kaku: UFOs Are Real (3:30)

  1. Interesting. I tend, however, to agree with Stephen Hawking. If we were being visited by aliens, we’d know about it, and it would not be a pleasant experience. I’ll believe aliens are visiting at the same time I believe Jesus is my lord and god: when he magically appears and tells me so. Until then, unidentified means just that, unidentified, like the gal I woke up next to this morning. 🙂


    • Dr. Kaku didn’t say UFOs are “aliens.” He said about 5% of UFO sightings are “real.” And, since UFO is the abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Object, he is simply and objectively acknowledging that some of these observed phenomenon – whatever they are – are legitimate. What’s so unbelievable about that?

      But, since you brought it up, I’ll make a hypothetical case for alien visitations.

      Using the Drake equation, or similar mathematical probability studies, the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe is a virtual certainty. The current level of human technological advancement, which makes extrasolar space travel a logistical impossibility, is very likely to have been exceeded – and perhaps far exceeded – many times by some extraterrestrial species. Even our own limited science does not preclude technologies which would allow for faster-than-light travel through space-time. Therefore, it’s possible that extraterrestrials have visited Earth and that we wouldn’t necessarily have known about it.

      Would ants be able to comprehend the existence of human beings if one were to observe their colony at close range?

      So, my friend, maybe you’ll wake up to more than just that unidentified gal someday. And, I’ll bet he, she, or it won’t be carrying a bible! 🙂


      • Certainly. I think there’s intelligent life all over out there. I just hope if it finds us, it’s nice. I see no reason why it MUST be nice. After all, if I accidentally step on a few ants whilst walking past an ant hill, I’m not gonna feel bad about it, or probably even notice. The ant hill comparison isn’t a comforting one to me at all. If I kill a few termites whilst studying them, how awful does it make me feel? I’m totally dispassionate about it. Would aliens be any different? If so, why? The doc strongly implied we may be being visited, but there’s no evidence for it. Jesus might be real too. There’s no evidence for it, but it might be true. Aliens are a lot more probable methinks, but the implication when mentioning UFO’s is spacemen. The emphasis is NOT on the UNIDENTIFIED= I’ve no idea what it was concept. If this were the case, we’d not be discussing UFO’s, I believe. I’ve a lot of UWH’s in my area, unidentified walking humans. A lot of em look like trouble, so I stay away. 🙂


        • Yes, extraterrestrials would be dispassionate about us. That’s why I offered the ant analogy.

          Dr. Kaku, as with other scientists who are open to the idea, are careful not to equate UFO phenomena with extraterrestrial life or any other origin. That implication is a pop culture myth.

          I’ll have to respectfully disagree about there not being any evidence of visitations. I’ve researched the subject ad nauseam for decades, and the weight of circumstantial evidence is very convincing to me. The Rendlesham Forest incident, for example, cannot be credibly explained any other way. Equating it to Jesus, although funny, isn’t a very serious critique.

          Unidentifiable Walking Humans (UWH)? Lol! I think I might be one of those! 🙂


        • We’ll have to disagree on the evidence of visitations. I agree with Hawking, who most definitely thinks we are not alone, if they we’re here, we’d know, and it wouldn’t be nice. When I pass by or study an ant hill, I don’t care if they see me, nor do I try to hide that I’ve been there. Nor do I notice or care if I step on some ants or half their hill. I certainly don’t sneak around the hill hiding deliberately from the ants, and I don’t join with one group of them to form a conspiracy with the others about my visits. They’re ants. I don’t friggin’ care what they think. Aliens, to whom we’d be like ants, would differ, why? There are “miracles” that happen that the faithful claim are from Jesus/god. Some of these are inexplicable, not all, but some. To the faithful, this is evidence of Jesus. To me, it’s evidence of not knowing or understanding something. Could be Jesus, but I doubt it. Anyway, my take on visitations from advanced species is, I hope they don’t come. When a technologically advanced culture meets one that is far inferior to it, the lesser culture does not fair well for it. Just ask the Native Americans about it. Aliens would be concerned, why? Some might have a prime directive like they have on Star Trek, but is there only one group of aliens that can travel between the stars? I’d think if one can do it, others can, and not all would be benign. $Amen$ I be done now. Time to watch Star Trek. ( Oh, don’t know if your a Star Wars fan, but the new trailer for The Force Awakens was so awesome it brought tears to my eyes.)


        • Jeff, you are definitely the King of Rants! Your passion on this subject is obvious, and your skepticism on UFOs is warranted. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. That is why I make a distinction between what I actually know and what I’m inclined to believe.

          You threw a bunch of new items into this discussion. I’m not sure if you’re trying to convince me or yourself. But, I’ll address them regardless.

          I completely agree with you and Hawking that human contact with intelligently superior extraterrestrials might not be beneficial to us.

          Although ants might be able to see human beings, they aren’t mentally capable enough to comprehend what they were seeing. Humans might have a similar limitation with respect to highly advanced ETs.

          I consider notions of a human-ET conspiracy to be speculative in the extreme and which reside on the fringe of the UFO debate.

          I see no correlation whatsoever between UFOs and Jesus. One relates to currently observed phenomena, and the other is historical mythology.

          Regarding the evidence of UFOs and possible ET visitations, conclusions must be drawn from facts not opinion. As I alluded to previously, the weight of circumstantial evidence is compelling although the scope of which is far too voluminous to detail here. Instead, I’ll offer two articles published on this blog to interested readers. The first is a representative sampling of notable UFO incidents in the post war era. The second is an astonishing admonition by a high ranking Democrat who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, and who is now Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. See: The most notable and credible UFO incidents since WWII – and – Obama adviser John Podesta’s biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs

          Yes, I am a Star Wars fan; but, I’m tempering my enthusiasm about this new film. After J.J. Abrams bastardized Gene Roddenberry’s classic creation in 2009 with his tortuous rendition of Star Trek, I’ve become quite wary of Hollywood film sequels.



        • Your pretty passionate on this yourself. I WANT so much to believe, but without an alien appearing, or a ship landing, I will remain an entirely unconvinced skeptic. There are is no difference to me for aliens visitations. Your belief and wanting it to be so doesn’t convince me. You’ve not convinced me, nor can you or anyone else without producing an alien or a ship. I do not believe it and I see no proof. Carl Sagan didn’t. Neil de Grasse Tyson doesn’t. Stephen Hawking doesn’t. And all those men passionately believe/believed intelligent life is out there. There are reliable witnesses to miraculous events. I believe people of repute see things and experience things they can not explain. It might be extraterrestrial activity, but, it might not be. We’d know if we were visited and it would suck. The only evidence I’ll accept to change my mind is an alien or a ship or parts of a ship or alien. No link or site me can convince me otherwise without this proof. People with great passion about many fantastic things tell me regularly, I’m not looking at the evidence! If I just read this or that, I’d KNOW there were “blank” appearing to people. They all may be right. Or, they all may be wrong. I’m done discussing this now. Peace, love, and stay away from sand flies, they bite. $Amen$


        • I respect your opinion and am not trying to change it. Also, I don’t think that requiring the acquisition of an ET body or ship to prove its existence is unreasonable. Quite the contrary. Such evidence, if it were to be acquired, would change my belief to knowledge.

          But, you are misreading me. I have no more passion for this subject than I do for any other of my academic interests. If science discovered that humans are the only “intelligent” species in the universe (as many religious people claim), or that ETs do exist but cannot travel through interstellar space (as we can’t), then I would be the first to admit that I was wrong.



  2. I think it’s very likely we’ve been visited by beings much more advanced than we are. And, being much more advanced it’s not difficult to believe they’d be able to visit us without our knowing it.

    Imagine the level of technology possible for a race that was at a similar level of technology to us right now 100,000 years ago and didn’t exterminate itself the way we seem to be doing.

    Imagine a race of beings THAT advanced maintaining a balance between technology and spirituality. You never know.

    Thanks for an interesting post.



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