South Carolina wants to be able to continue to ban gays and lesbians from marrying each other. They want to do that so much that they filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court that they should continue to be able to do so. In it, they make an “originalist” argument that if the Constitution is read just as its drafters understood it, gays can be discriminated against because women can be discriminated against. Mark Joseph Stern at Slate has all the crazy.


7 thoughts on “South Carolina argues to Supreme Court that it can discriminate against gays AND women

  1. NeuroNotes has got it right. How do I know? With burning cheeks, I admit I graduated from Liberty University.

    More conservative right-wing Christian women (and men) need to implement that highest gift: Wisdom. To use discernment. To note inconsistencies, to recognize when defense for an idea involves rationalization, denial, or self-interest.

    If people were meant to follow unquestioningly, Wisdom would be an unnecessary gift.


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