Draw the line from Hobby Lobby to Indiana: Religion has dangerously infected our legal system. It’s getting worse

Our coming theocratic hell: Look out, the right's "religious freedom" push is just the beginningCharlton Heston as Moses in “The Ten Commandments”

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2 thoughts on “Our coming theocratic hell: Look out, the right’s “religious freedom” push is just the beginning

  1. We need strong laws making religion a private matter, not a public or political issue. Everyone should be free to believe what they want as long as they do not promote or push their beliefs. Religions that are outspoken or aggressive should be taxed and penalized under the law.
    Can’t we begin stripping tax protection from religious groups that participate in politics?


    • Absolutely. In America, we have strong secular laws designed to separate church and state (i.e. First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution) and deny tax-exempt status to religious organizations who participate in politics (i.e. Treasury Department statutes for the IRS). However, these have been purposely misinterpreted and misapplied by conservative Republican judges, legislators, and bureaucrats who actively promote their religion. These laws have been further weakened by Democratic Party judges, legislators, and bureaucrats who are reluctant to enforce them. So, this problem in America is due to the incorrect application of existing law rather than the absence of such law.


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