Everyone gets that past “free” trade deals rigged the rules against working people. Now across the country a strong populist movement has gained momentum to stop more trade deals from making things worse.

This is just one part of the populist movement that has grown up since Occupy Wall Street in response to terrible inequality. Now across the country citizens and organizations are mobilizing in opposition to the way our country’s rules have been rigged to the benefit of the 1 percent and against the interests of 99 percent of us.

Many of the key leaders and activists in that movement will converge in Washington for the “Populism2015: Building a Movement for People and the Planet” conference on April 18-20. Campaign for America’s Future is a co-sponsor of that conference, with National People’s Action, USAction and Alliance for a Fair Society. (Register for the conference at the Populism2015 website.)

The conference organizers have adopted a 12-point platform for a progressive populist agenda that will drive independent political organizing over the next two years. One of the key planks in that platform is forging “a global strategy that works for working people.”

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