Brilliant editorial – recommended reading – which speaks to the public appeasement the Roman poet Juvenal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis) referred to as “Bread and Circuses.”

The Contrary Perspective

The New Yankee Stadium: The House that Corporations Built The New Yankee Stadium: The House that Corporations Built

W.J. Astore

Back in 2010, I wrote the following article on American sports for Huffington Post.  With the end of “March Madness” and the beginning of baseball season, the time seems right to revive it.  I love watching my hometown teams and experiencing the vicarious thrill of victory (as well as the agony of defeat), and I’ll never give up sports and the fun of being a fan.  But professional sports in America sure make me want to stop watching at times, as you’ll read below:

Been to a major American sporting event lately? If not, consider yourself fortunate. The NFL and NASCAR are already over-the-top when it comes to manufactured noise, exaggerated pyrotechnics, and wall-to-wall corporate advertisements. Even my beloved sport of baseball has fallen victim to sensory saturation and techniques of crowd control that would make a dictator…

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2 thoughts on “Major Sporting Events and Air Shows: Too Corporatized, Too Controlling, Too Much

  1. I was an avid sports fan as a kid. I went to baketball and baseball games and watched other sports on television. Over the years, I lost interest in the profesional sports leagues while still having a love for the games.

    A few years ago, I was still watching “my” N.Y. Knicks play basketball, but finally had enough of the militaristic “win at all costs” attitude, manufactured excitement (as opposed to reacting to the natural drama of the game), politics involving “stardom”, obsession with salaries & statistics and accent on individual play instead of team play. (Not to mention not being able to afford a ticket at Madison Square Garden).

    It was painful to watch a game I loved to play and watch transformed into a phony “show biz” farce like professional wrestling. Oh well, life goes on…


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