By Robert A. Vella

You’re not going to believe this story.  Conspiracy theorists are probably jumping for joy right now over the latest news coming out of Missouri.

Remember that state auditor – Tom Schweich – who apparently committed suicide in February shortly after arranging a meeting with an Associated Press reporter to discuss charges of anti-Semitism against the Missouri Republican Party chairman John Hancock?  The incident triggered quite a public stir not just in Missouri, but nationally as well.  After Schweich’s funeral, his department’s spokesman – Robert “Spence” Jackson – was one of the first to demand that Hancock resign his chairmanship of the party.

Yesterday, Mr. Jackson was found dead in his home from a gunshot wound.  Police said a note was found in his apartment, but refused to disclose what was written on it.

Mr. Hancock must be one lucky fellow.  His political rivals seem to commit suicide at very convenient times.

Let the conspiracy speculation begin!

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14 thoughts on “Remember that Missouri auditor who committed “suicide” last month? Now, his spokesman is dead

  1. Very convenient indeed. It’s interesting how effective the powers that be in the U.S. have been at demonizing the concept of people conspiring to do evil. We see the results of this behavior every day yet so many people cringe at the mention of it. Very interesting indeed.


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