6 thoughts on “Sometimes a casual conservation can reveal more about us than we care to know

  1. Great post. I had a few similar conversations today only it was a lot colder outside than where you are. Most do very little or nothing. You’re right there. I’m always trying to light fires under people to at least vote. I’ve gotten a few commitments from folks saying they’ll vote in the Chicago Mayoral election next week. It’s a start. Apathy and apathy caused by nihilism really piss me off. Don’t bitch and say nothing matters so why bother as shit-heals take over the country. It matters. The more who realize this, the better. End of rant. $Amen$


  2. I’m occasionally called angry or a complainer because I’m not content living in a fake democracy that embraces dysfunction, apathy, complacency and bland mediocrity. Oh, and I depress people because I refuse to worship at the altar of Capitalism.

    Cool post.


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