By Robert A. Vella

Here’s a roundup of some of the nasty things right-wing extremists were up to last week.

From Daily KosAfter racially motivated attack, former STL Cardinals player says he may leave St. Louis:

Former St. Louis Cardinal Curt Ford says he was attacked at a gas station:

St. Louis County police from the Fenton Precinct arrested James Street, 37, of the 400 block of Saline Road, a white man who allegedly slugged the black former Cardinals player after shouting racial slurs at him and telling him to “go back to Ferguson,” the Post-Dispatch has learned.

“I was sucker-punched, blindsided,” Ford said. “I was walking into the store and hit from my blind side.”

From Daily KosIllinois State Police raid St. Louis area police dept. over missing gun and drugs from evidence room:

A Brooklyn, Illinois police department is in hot water after one of their detectives was featured posing with evidence, evidence that is still missing:

Allegations against the Brooklyn Police Department include mishandling of evidence. Former detective Chris Heatherly is accused of taking an AR-15 rifle out of an evidence locker and keeping it in the trunk of his car. Heatherly is also accused of posing for a picture with the rifle in hand. The photo was used in a police department calendar.

In a letter, St. Clair County’s State’s Attorney said the action is flagrant violation of police protocol and said it breached the integrity of the evidence in the case.  The prosecutor also said he would not prosecute any more cases where Heatherly is relied on as a witness, and added the ammunition and suspected drugs that were seized in connection to the investigation involving the AR-15 have not been found.

From Daily KosGeorgia ‘patriot’ plants real bombs and fake evidence trying to blame the Muslim community:

Last November, Roswell police were alerted about an apparently abandoned backpack on an Atlanta-area walking trail. Among the contents of the backpack were homemade bombs, a copy of the Quran, an Atlanta Falcons schedule and directions to Atlanta’s Jewish Community Center.

Over the weekend, authorities arrested Michael C. Sibley, of Roswell, Georgia, for attempting to damage or destroy by means of fire or explosive property owned by the United States. And why did he include the Quran and other fake evidence to implicate the Muslim community? Because he’s a patriot:

From InquisitrExpelled Student Faces Charges For Noose Hung Around Statue Of James Meredith:

In February 2014, a number of students at the University of Mississippi allegedly conspired to use threats of force and violence against black students and faculty. One of the students, Graeme Phillip Harris, tied a noose around the statue of James Meredith, the first black student to attend the university.


Harris has been indicted for conspiracy to violate civil rights and using threats of force and intimidation. Harris turned himself in on Friday to be arrested, and is currently free on bond.