Public relations is one thing, but having staff go into Wikipedia to change the written narrative on police brutality is altogether different. Capital New York just revealed that staff members within the NYPD are trying to shape and even trash written entries of their own police brutality on Wikipedia.

Computer users identified by Capital as working on the NYPD headquarters’ network have edited and attempted to delete Wikipedia entries for several well-known victims of police altercations, including entries for Eric Garner, Sean Bell, and Amadou Diallo. Capital identified 85 NYPD addresses that have edited Wikipedia, although it is unclear how many users were involved, as computers on the NYPD network can operate on the department’s range of IP addresses.


4 thoughts on “NYPD caught trying to literally rewrite history of police brutality on Wikipedia

  1. This is why we will always need books. Imagine if one day history books like Howard Zinns “A peoples history of the U.S.” can only be found on digital media; those in power will slowly but surely be able to rewrite history.
    “Those who control the present control the past…..”


  2. I think I’ve already witnessed something very strange on a related note. I read a book a few years ago that I hadn’t read in many years and a sentence that didn’t fit seems to have been added. It was a book about government conspiracies and a new printing had a line about global warming being a government scam. I doubt VERY MUCH that it was in it originally. It was so out of context it seemed as if it had been added in a hurry without much thought. Very strange.

    Anyway, this is an amazing story. I hope it stays in the news. Here in N.Y., we have too many corporate media outlets. The best newspaper we ever had, The Village Voice, was eviscerated by Rupert Murdoch.


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