MOSCOW (AP) — Conflicting reports emerged Monday about the availability of possible surveillance footage showing the slaying of Boris Nemtsov, a fierce Kremlin critic gunned down in Moscow, as top Russian officials again promised that his killing would be “fully investigated.”

No suspects have been arrested since Nemtsov was shot dead Friday night. According to Russian investigators, he was walking home on a Moscow bridge near the Kremlin with a woman when he was shot four times by an assailant, who then escaped in a light-colored car.

The area is one of the most secure, heavily photographed parts of the Russian capital but it was not clear what CCTV footage may have captured his slaying. The attack came just hours after a radio interview in which Nemtsov denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “mad, aggressive policy” in Ukraine.


5 thoughts on “Investigation into killing of Putin critic Nemtsov runs into conflicting CCTV footage reports

  1. If the assassination was a Kremlin hit and they control the CCTV, they can manipulate it and tell us the fellow shot himself, that is if they are as our government. Once we were told a fellow shot himself then poured acid over his body and another shot himself then took a handkerchief and wiped blood off his face


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