“So, if employers are in favor of liberal arts and the sciences, why are right-wing conservatives like Walker against these subjects? To ask the question is to answer it. The push for “workforce development” is all about silencing liberal dissent and squelching critical research. It’s anti-intellectualism, pure and simple…” – Excellent editorial, which I highly recommend.

The Contrary Perspective

Scott Walker: We don't need no higher education (photo courtesy of Slate) Scott Walker: We don’t need no higher education (photo courtesy of Slate)

W.J. Astore

A strong trend in higher education today is to sell education as workforce development.  I saw this at the college where I used to teach, which was unsurprising given that the college started as a technical institute in a conservative area.  My college proudly advertised itself as valuing partnerships with business and industry, with a “learn to earn” emphasis, so students and parents knew what they were getting when they made their choice.

But the “education as workforce development” ethos is now spreading to universities and states like Wisconsin, driven by Republican governors and administrations keen to put those pointy-headed intellectuals, with their high-falutin’ ideas about education as a pursuit of truth, firmly in their place.  Consider this article at Alternet, and the following passage about Governor Scott Walker’s ideological war on higher education in…

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2 thoughts on “Education as Workforce Development: The Horror

  1. Walker seems to be against any type of education. One of my observations over the years was the way Tommy Thompson continued to slash the budget for the university system and increase funding for technical colleges. Walker has been slashing both. (My property taxes for WI have actually decreased this year for the first time ever because of the significant cut in funding for the tech system).


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