Throughout the extended weekend, there had been rumors circulating around the blogosphere that a huge NSA hacking story—not originating via Edward Snowden—was about to break, and it was going to be a doozey. Sure enough, it’s all but “official,” per breaking news from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, one of the most highly-regarded cybersecurity firms in the world, via stories over the past few hours in Tuesday’s NY Times, Reuters and ARS Technica, among others, we’re now learning that America is the source of the greatest software exploitation (hacking) travesty ever reported.

As you’ll learn in the excerpted breaking stories, below, apparently, the NSA’s toolbox includes its ability to hack virtually every hard drive on the planet (even including those in “airgap” mode, unconnected to a network, via deviously-hidden code on data sticks); then, embed its code in the hard drive’s firmware, so securely and covertly that even a disk-wipe won’t erase the malware on the drive!


9 thoughts on “Kaspersky Exposes NSA’s Worldwide, Backdoor Hacking of Virtually All Hard-Drive Firmware

  1. Added to this is the news is the hacking of a major phone sim card provider that gives the hacker access to basically access almost all mobile phones anywhere in the world.
    Maybe George Orwell was right all along


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