By Robert A. Vella

Those who see politics as a corrupt and perverse enterprise, myself and a multitude of others included, must be shaking their heads in disgust over the current bout of international intrigue and shenanigans going on in Washington, D.C.  The cast of characters in this sordid play star U.S. President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the European Union, Iran, Ukraine, and several lesser actors.  We don’t know how the story will end, but watching it will surely be a sickening experience.

In a nutshell, Obama is pissed-off at Benji for planning to give a highly controversial speech to the U.S. Congress two weeks before the Prime Minister’s reelection bid in Israel (blatant political manipulation?), and amidst the crucial peace negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear energy/weapons program which Benji vehemently opposes.

Is this a case of the dovish peace-lover versus the hawkish warmonger?  No, it isn’t.  The side-plots to the main story have Obama requesting new war powers from Congress (as if the Presidency didn’t already have great legal authority to wage war) ostensibly to facilitate the U.S. war against ISIS (a.k.a. the Islamic State) in Iraq and Syria, as well as his desire to send advanced weaponry to Ukraine in that nation’s bitter struggle against the great maniacal dictator from the east – Mr. Putin.  Meanwhile, the E.U. – headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – has been delicately playing the role of the mediator in order to calm the situation down.  Calm is something the austerity-minded E.U. desperately needs right now since one of its members – Greece – recently told them emphatically to:  put their economy-destroying austerity where the sun don’t shine.

This all-too-real play would’ve provided saucy material for the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick.  Its grotesque ironies, pathetic hypocrisies, inherent global dangers, and characterized megalomania, could have made for a fine remake of Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

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