A trio of politicians from the Magnolia State are causing controversy over two proposed bills that would make the Bible the state book.

Republican Rep. Tracy Arnold, who is a pastor, has proposed one such bill.

Democratic representative Tom Miles has proposed a similar bill, with the support of Democratic representative Michael Evans.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  So, now there is a bipartisan effort to destroy the separation of church and state.  Where’s my bottle of gin?  I need a martini… or two.


7 thoughts on “Bills look to make the Bible Mississippi’s state book

  1. What a nightmare. Looks like Alice fell down the wrong rabbit hole. I am totally flummoxed by the El Salvador story. What’s the agenda? More cannon fodder? Breed for the Vatican? Jail the new contraception for the poor ? – what next co-ed jails and compulsory baby farms a la Nazi? Jeez!


  2. Scary considering how many women do miscarry. The story of the woman who lost her baby and then imprisoned is shocking. A woman in such circumstances really needs compassion.


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