3 thoughts on “Why We Must Speak Out, Be Active, and Vote

      • Lack of real political choice; arbitrary trashing of citizens work options, housing and personal assets; putting education beyond financial reach; unaccountability of authorities acting in an arbitrary manner; disrupting education; police acting above the law; concealment of bureaucratic wrong doing – losing or shredding records; demolishing pensions and reasonable welfare provision; state abduction of children on trivial grounds and in the absence of any proof of abuse; MSN instrument of propaganda for the govt; printing money; derisory interest rates on savings; lies about true level of inflation/devaluation of money; attacking TU’s; forced guardianship of elders to seize their assets; asset forfeiture; withholding medical provision or monopoly pricing of medical services; laws that undermine self-sufficiency; off shoring jobs, then blaming the unemployed for being unemployed; TTP alliance; nanny state; bureaucratic harassment of citizens over trivia; imprisonment for minor offences; involuntary incarceration of citizens in mental institutions who are sane; redefining normal mental frameworks as mental illnesses; withdrawal of legal aid; corrupt courts; corrupt politicians. Not a complete list, but it looks to me there are some very active malign elements in our Western democracies, who are seeking to destroy democracy, have contempt for rule of law, and exploit every opportunity to corral, harass, exploit in the workplace, and financially destroy law abiding citizens. Alongwith all the above, the govt is going all out to control the narrative, – interference on the net. Sorry, my explanation is a bit rough.


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