By Robert A. Vella

The judge in the Bob McDonnell trial sentenced the former Republican Governor of Virginia to serve only two years in federal prison for his conviction on corruption charges.  Prosecutors had asked for a 10 year sentence.

See:  Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell gets two years for corruption

5 thoughts on “Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell gets only 2 year prison sentence

  1. This sentence is laughable – in a dark humor kind of way.

    If his sentence is 2 years, he’ll probably be out in 2 months for good behavior… unless they consider his trial period to be part of the sentence time. In which case, the tax payers are completely off the hook for his room and board.

    The powerful elite do what they want, and there is no shame. They always rationalize a way to justify, based on their ‘special’ circumstances and/or their simple, self-evident personal ‘special-ness.’ I guess that is when Justice is blind.


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