Oklahoma residents are concerned that a proposed bill would make it a crime to wear a hooded sweatshirt, or hoodie, in public on many occasions, according to local news station KFOR.

The wearing of hoods or similar head coverings during the commission of a crime has been against state law since the 1920s, with the original intent of curbing violence perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan. But the new proposal would also ban an individual from intentionally concealing “his or her identity in a public place by means of a robe, mask, or other disguise” even if he or she were not involved in a crime. Violation of the proposed law would constitute a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $500.


3 thoughts on “Wearing A Hoodie In Oklahoma Could Soon Cost You A $500 Fine

  1. So interesting that this law actually intended to control the actions of the KKK! I remember seeing upset protests on facebook a couple of years ago, as a teenager was shot wearing a hoodie. And I know that in my area, the sign “No hoodies” is aimed, largely, at the ‘coloured’ community (and perhaps a few students). Where I live, it’s discriminatory in the opposite direction. Fascinating how the world turns.


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