LOS ANGELES, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Sony Pictures Entertainment told certain news organizations on Sunday to stop publishing information contained in documents stolen by hackers who attacked the movie studio’s computer network last month, three media groups reported.


Disclosures from the internal documents have caused turmoil at the studio, a unit of Japan’s Sony Corp, and shed light on internal discussions key to the company’s future. For instance, the unidentified hackers have released troves of documents that include employee salaries and financial information, marketing plans and contracts with business partners.

In addition, the documents that have emerged included an exchange in which Co-Chairman Amy Pascal joked about President Barack Obama’s race. After media outlets reported that, Pascal subsequently issued a public apology for “insensitive and inappropriate” emails.


4 thoughts on “Sony Demands News Outlets Stop Publishing Information From Leaked Documents

  1. I’ve been reading many of said leaked documents as I’m a HUGE superhero and Spiderman geek and lots of info about Sony teaming up with Marvel studios is in these documents. There’s also lots of embarrassing derogatory stuff said by Amy Pascal about Obama, as you noted. My guess is she’s gonna lose her job. The moral here is if you have racist, bigoted thoughts and feelings, it really is best to keep quiet about them. Writing them down or saying them will destroy you, eventually, if they go public, and they almost always do.


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