By Robert A. Vella

At its sharpest, sarcasm can expose societal ills far more effectively than reason.  When it comes to America’s reemerging racial disharmony, no journalistic effort I’ve seen so far succeeds at this as well as the following article.  It throws racism painfully hard right back into the faces of racists.

From the Daily KosThug Kills White Prosecutor and Wife in Texas:

This is the tale of a fiend, a true murdering devil.  Not only did he ruthlessly kill Michael “Mike” McClelland, 63, the  the Prosecutor of Kaufmann County and his wife Cynthia, 65, but also the assistant prosecutor, Mark Hasse.  Hasse was ruthlessly gunned in the street in January, 2013, while walking home. The McClellands were callously shot down like dogs in their home in March of the same year.

All three, were viciously butchered  by a large, ugly brute who calls himself Eric Williams.  It goes without saying he was a felon who had a prior record of burglary and theft.  Yet somehow he had amassed a veritable arsenal of weapons as prosecutors during the penalty phase of his trial revealed:

On Tuesday afternoon, prosecutors assembled the arsenal of weapons found in Williams’ storage unit in the courtroom. The guns were displayed on three wooden racks in the middle of the courtroom, 42 handguns in the middle and 22 long guns flanking each side.

In front of the racks were boxes of ammunition — thousands of rounds were recovered — and a crossbow. Bullets were loose in bags, as well as still packaged in boxes.

By the way, this is the face of the killer of these three upstanding citizens, a true animal (if I may say so) with no sense of morality and little if any respect for human life:

attribution: Credit CBS 11 News

Yeah, he’s a white guy.

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