As biotech masterminds and venture capitalists scramble to hatch a new generation of environmentally friendly fuels that can help power the average gasoline-burning car, they are confronting an unexpected obstacle: the White House.

Yielding to pressure from oil companies, car manufacturers and even driving enthusiasts, the Obama administration is threatening to put the brakes on one of the federal government’s most ambitious efforts to ease the nation’s addiction to fossil fuels.

The proposed rollback of the 7-year-old green energy mandate known as the renewable fuel standard is alarming investors in the innovation economy and putting the administration at odds with longtime allies on the left.

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2 thoughts on “White House threatens to put brakes on alternative fuels

  1. More pre-emptive cowering by this administration. This time on an issue that candidate Obama seemed to genuinely care about. But as we have seen so many times in the past 6 years, any time those holding a large aggregation of capital seem the least displeased about a course of action, that course is swiftly reversed.


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