By Robert A. Vella

When the ruling establishment is aligned against the will and interests of its people, political parties – ostensibly in opposition to each other – often work together behind the scenes towards a specific goal.  Such appears to be the case now with the pending public release of the CIA Torture Report by the U.S. Senate.

Some Democratic Party members on the Senate Intelligence Committee are trying to get as much information as possible released on the Bush Administration’s use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in the aftermath of 9/11.  However, time is running out.  Republicans will take control of the Senate in early January.

The Senate Democrats’ disclosure efforts are being met by strong resistance from the Obama Administration, whom they have accused of intentionally stalling the process until the GOP assumes control.  If the report is not released by the end of the year, the information it contains will be heavily redacted and withheld from the public.

From the National JournalTime Is Running Out on the CIA Torture Report:

Several Democratic senators on the committee expressed their frustration Thursday during a closed-door meeting with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. According to press reports, they accused the Obama administration of purposely obstructing the release of the document. The Intelligence Committee’s report is expected to chronicle the detention, rendition, and interrogation techniques—including waterboarding—used during the George W. Bush administration. Human-rights activists, legal scholars, and President Obama have all said the post-9/11 practices amounted to torture.

The continued fraying of negotiations has some suggesting that the White House might be intentionally stalling, in hopes that it can run out the clock on the report’s release, especially with Republicans slated to take over.

“If the White House is erecting barriers to its release that go beyond national security or other appropriate reason, it appears they would be doing it to protect individuals or institutions that are criticized in this report,” said Democratic Sen. Bob Graham, a former Intelligence Committee chairman.

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