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Comment: The strange banked deaths continues.

The global head of Citigroup’s environmental and social risk management was found dead in his New York apartment on Tuesday with a laceration to the throat.

The body of Shawn D. Miller, 42, was discovered in the bathtub of his condo in Manhattan’s Financial District.

There was no knife or obvious weapon found at the scene, leading police to believe the death was suspicious, according to The New York Post.

Investigators are now trying to find a man that Miller was seen walking into the apartment at 120 Greenwich St with Miller at about 6.30pm Monday night.

The man later left alone.

There were no signs of forced entry.

A doorman then made the gruesome discovery of Miller’s about 3pm Tuesday.

It is believed a worried friend called the building – located near Albany St street and the September 11 Memorial…

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5 thoughts on “Another banker Dead: Citigroup executive, 42, found dead in the bathtub of his Manhattan apartment with his throat cut

  1. I wonder if all these folks deaths are merely coincidental or if something a bit more devious is happening. I lean heavily toward the first idea, as I despise conspiracy theory non-sense, but the deaths of these banker dudes is quite curious. The bloody Illuminati! They just can’t stay appeased for long, eh?


    • There are many folks who believe every conspiracy theory ever conceived no matter how absurd they might be. There are even more folks who refuse to believe any conspiracy theory no matter how credible they might be. Somewhere in between, reality exists waiting to be revealed by probing questions and factual answers.

      Human nature is susceptible to deviant behavior. When it affects people in positions of power, the resulting human and societal costs are more severe. The psychopath without a gun can still kill his neighbor, but is less likely. The sociopath without money and influence can still harm the people he hates, but to a much smaller degree.

      This post offers no conspiratorial explanation for the unsolved death of this Citigroup employee or the other banking executives who died under mysterious circumstances. But, it does imply a probing question. Since Wall Street’s inherent power and profound history of unethical behavior is well documented, would they have had the motive to commit murder in this case? From the article:

      According to his profile on LinkedIn, he has been with the company since 2004.

      He worked on sustainability matters, including mining and renewable energy policies.

      Miller oversaw environment policies that were implemented in over 100 countries.

      The page described him as ’a thought leader and pioneer in sustainable finance focused on creating change and building sustainable business through collaboration, engagement and partnership with others’.

      A fair question, or not?


      • Very fair. I wasn’t implying your post was positing a conspiracy theory. I brought up the matter because it is very curious to me that these banking fellows are dying off. There are legit questions here to be asked. Now, if Obama will finally reveal himself as a shape-shifting lizard alien, we can all rest easier.


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