By Robert A. Vella

There are taboo topics the corporate-controlled news media refuses to cover no matter how important they might be.  These issues most often upset the sensibilities not of the public at large, but of the executives who hold editorial authority over their network’s news content.  Exposing U.S. covert operations in foreign lands is one such taboo topic.  Publicizing secret international trade deals, like the TPP and TTIP, are another.  Casting light upon the infectious spread of institutional corruption is also avoided, since the media has become an integral part of the ruling establishment.

However, this kind of censorship doesn’t usually apply to the President of the United States.  POTUS is part of that establishment, after all.  But, when a president dares to speak about reforming social injustices related to race and ethnicity, even the highest office in the land suddenly becomes taboo.

It is the bleaching of America.  The nation’s privileged whiteness shall not be stained.

From Media MattersNetwork News’ Shameful Decision To Snub Obama’s Immigration Address:

A decade later [after President Bush’s national address on stem cell research] the rules seem to have shifted. All four networks have announced they won’t carry President Obama’s address to the nation tonight about his long awaited plan to take executive action to deal with the pressing issue of immigration reform. (Two Spanish language networks, Univision and Telemundo, will carry the address live in primetime.)

Keep in mind, the issue is so paramount, and Obama’s strategy supposedly so controversial, that a Republican senator yesterday warned there might be violence in the streets in response to Obama’s actions. Some GOP lawmakers insisted Obama could face a flurry of legal action including impeachment proceedings, while others have urged the entire federal government be shut down if Obama goes through with his plan. Yet according to executives at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, Obama’s address isn’t worth covering.

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