By Walter Einenkel

This is a tough diary to write. There is no internal conflict about this subject, for me, just a seething anger towards narcissistic people hiding behind an obsolete and barbaric belief system. Welcome to Idaho. KATU’s Dan Tilkin went into Idaho to look for two children’s burial sites and came up with more:

[all bold usage in blockquotes are my emphasis]

A former member of the Followers of Christ advised him to go to Peaceful Valley and look for two specific names.

He found them. He found many more.

Garrett Dean Eells.

The coroner’s report says Garrett was a 6-day-old baby who died of interstitial pneumonitis. That’s pneumonia, untreated.


2 thoughts on “Children dying in Idaho because law protects parents’ belief in ‘faith-healing’

  1. I’m glad you posted this Robert. I read this either yesterday or the day before on Raw and I just wanted to weep. It just goes to show you that the Judeo-Christianity is more valued than children, as is so clearly evident in the bible. Disgusting.


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