United States Hypocrisy

One of the most absurd examples of just how far police departments around the country are willing to go to prevent people who get caught in America’s massive “criminal justice” system from ever moving on is the tragedy now known as #Pointergate. The controversy erupted when local Minneapolis TV station KSTP ran a hit piece smearing Democratic Mayor Betsy Hodges, saying she was “showing solidarity with gangs” by posing for a picture with a young Black man who was pointing back at her. The ridiculous story was fed to the station by local police unions and KSTP ran with it, doing no investigative work of their own and having not even the decency to question how such an innocent gesture could be interpreted as a “gang sign”. But the police union refuses to back down, even going so far as to insist that “the mere existence of [the picture] could put the public…

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