Even as the job market continues to improve, many financial experts recommend that most Americans keep at least three to six months of expenses stashed away in an emergency savings account. Yet that message – despite years of shaky economic times – still hasn’t gotten through.

Over 40 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, says a new report from Springleaf Financial, a consumer finance company. The findings, released today, apply to people across all education and salary levels.


2 thoughts on “Nearly half of Americans are dangling on the edge of financial ruin

    • I can’t speak informatively about family budgetary practices around the world as these are dependent upon many socioeconomic factors which vary greatly from country to country. However, the phenomenon detailed in this article is a relatively new and worrisome trend in the U.S. where the savings rate has dropped precipitously in recent decades. See this historical graph from the St. Louis Federal Reserve: Monthly, Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate, PSAVERT


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