Work-sharing is a simple concept: When employers try to cut costs, shrinking the payroll is a quick way to cut back not only on wages but on fringe benefits and related taxes. Employers often make the cruel calculation to replace current workers with cheaper ones, or to reduce their hours. Work-sharing tries to reconfigure the distribution of work and employment by subsidizing employment costs in exchange for reduced work time. So people work less, but get an income supplement to help offset the impact.


3 thoughts on “Work-Sharing: A Socialist Alternative to Layoffs?

  1. Corporate America hates socialism. They hate it! Until they use it to their advantage. Offsetting lack of benefits, poor wages, and limited hours to the government. If these corporations love capitalism so much why are they endangering that very system with their policies? Even worse they don’t even pay taxes to the government or much less then they should due to loopholes and off-shoring. They are the deadbeats not the unemployed and underemployed.

    They off-set their cost to the American taxpayer, pay low wages, avoid taxes, undermine regulations with their lobbyist, pollute our environment, hoard their profits instead of reinvesting it in the economy, don’t hire or only hire part time, give low to no benefits. Then they wonder why the average American has hatred towards Corporate America.


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