The United States told an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that Russia has “outright lied” over its military activity inside Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian armed forces.

The accusation came hours before President Obama said the United States “is not taking military action to solve the Ukrainian problem” but trying to mobilize international pressure on Moscow.

“Russian soldiers, tanks and air defense have supported and fight alongside separatists as they open a new front in a crisis manufactured and fueled by Russia,” Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the council.


5 thoughts on “U.S. says Russia has ‘outright lied’ about Ukraine incursion

  1. I hate to say it but Russia has really been out-maneuvering the US throughout this entire affair. The world is facing some serious geo-political issues (Ukraine, ISIS caliphate) – where are the American foreign policy experts and leaders?

    Here’s a related, interesting piece from foreign policy magazine (the 1st point, at least, is related to this post).



    • Stephen M. Walt’s Top Ten Foreign Policy Puzzles is spot on. He’s definitely thinking outside-the-box, and that is much needed now because the old paradigms aren’t working any more (if they ever really did). Our readers should check it out.

      Regarding Ukraine, my view is also unconventional. It’s fairly obvious that President Obama is no strategist. In addition to being outmaneuvered internationally by Putin (in the short-term), he has also been repeatedly outfoxed domestically by the GOP. The electoral disaster that befell his party in 2010 was completely avoidable, and the price for that grave political mistake will be paid for at least another six years (i.e. gerrymandering and legislative obstructionism). In return he got the ACA implemented, and that’s a good thing, but was it worth the cost?

      I see Putin as a borderline megalomaniac. His nationalistic Russian delusions are a danger to the world and to his own people. He revels in geopolitical intrigue and conflict. His long-term goals – whatever they may be – are not likely to be rooted in reality. Like all megalomaniacs, he is adept at consolidating his power and securing territorial victories. But in the end, his arrogant disdain for social stability will be his undoing.

      In my opinion, the wildcard in this Ukrainian crisis is neither the U.S. nor Russia. It is the E.U. Right now, and happening under the media radar, a rapidly growing anti-Russian sentiment is building in eastern Europe – particularly in the Baltic States and Poland. The threat of Russian occupation is still fresh in their memories, and talk of war is spreading throughout the region. If not abated by deescalation in Ukraine, this confrontational sentiment will undoubtedly move west.

      Everything depends on the rationality or irrationality of Putin. If he stops at Crimea or possibly eastern Ukraine, the current crisis will probably dissipate. If not, all bets are off.


      • Fascinating. First off, I’m going to go get a copy of that book. Second – very interesting reading your analysis. I would look forward to more posts like this, with your more in-depth commentary on these events.

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