What’s being described as “the most important document produced by the UN about global warming” has an urgent warning meant for the eyes of world leaders (so as not to panic the rest of us) that the damage our carbon fueled industrial economies are making to our planet’s atmosphere and oceans will soon be irreversible creating their own momentum for even more drastic change as a number of feedback loops become the dominant drivers of Global Warming accelerating the destructive changes to the environment.

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2 thoughts on “Leaked UN Report warns of “very high risk of severe, widespread, and IRREVERSIBLE impacts globally”

  1. As if the rational among us didn’t already know this? Why in gods name did THIS of all things need to be classified? Just another example of the culture of over-classification that’s developing not just in the US but abroad as well.


    • It shouldn’t have been classified. Although, I understand why it was. The worsening pace of climate change is surpassing even the most dire predictive scenarios. Feedback loops, such as Arctic permafrost melting and oceanic methane hydrate releases, are now considered to have been seriously underrepresented in climate models. By the middle of this century, human civilization is going to be severely tested. Obviously, governmental authorities were reluctant to publicly express that fear.


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