The burger chain’s acquisition of Canadian coffee-and-doughnut purveyor Tim Hortons (THI -1.49%), first reported Sunday afternoon by The Wall Street Journal, is the latest in a summer-long parade of proposed tie-ups by American companies looking to ease their tax burdens by exporting their headquarters.

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Burger King faces the same sort of reputational risk [as did Walgreen]. [Frank] Clemente [of Americans for Tax Fairness] says if his group can establish that the fast-food giant stands to save majorly on its tax bill by inverting, it will once again work to gin up grassroots pushback. Though the debate around the tax avoidance scheme has remained relatively wonky this summer, one recent poll showed it registering popularly to a surprising degree, with roughly half of respondents declaring themselves familiar with it and two-thirds registering disapproval with the notion.

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