“I have always felt that the three years of my youth in World War II were spent in a necessary cause. In three years we changed the world for the better. Not perfect but certainly better. And at home it was a great time for our country and for our citizens. Progressive ideas and legislation flourished in both political parties that enhanced the common good of the citizens. Now we live in a country that is not only dedicated to perpetual war with the world but in contravention to the good of its own people. It is a country that suppresses public protests with militarized police forces that look like the German SS when in their military gear.” – A World War II Veteran.

Hear, hear!

The Contrary Perspective

When did our police come to look like stormtroopers? (Image: NYT) When did our police come to look like stormtroopers? (Image: NYT)

A World War II Veteran

I am 90 years old. I have lived through much. My parents were immigrants from post-World War I Europe. Following the Crash of 1929 we were very poor. Our country was awash in poverty, and anti-Semitism was widespread. When I was about ten years old, my father, who had been a front line combat infantry officer in the Austro-Hungarian army told me, “If anyone asks, you tell them you are a Jew, and you are proud of it.”

In 1943 I volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Corps and was accepted as an air cadet. Only 18 years old, I understood what war meant and felt I might not survive.

Today I live and welcome each day but today I am not proud to be a Jew. I also am not proud to be…

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