By Robert A. Vella

Perceived Threat of Extremist Groups by Type of Group

A new Department of Homeland Security report lists 9 right-wing extremist groups out of the top 17 terrorist threats to the U.S. for the years 2013-2014.  The Sovereign Citizens movement jumped to the top of the list from 2006-2007 when Islamic Extremists were identified as the greatest terrorist threat to America.

4 leftist groups were included, as were 3 others.

4 thoughts on “Right-Wing Extremist groups dominate new Homeland Security report on U.S. Terrorism Threats

  1. Amazing- white American groups are just as dangerous (and in the case of Sovereign Citizens, more dangerous) than Islamic terrorists. Does it still make sense for us to look at Muslims as being horrible monsters and Christians as being all good?


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