Far-right groups said that the American government securing necessary materials for American companies to manufacture is “interference with the free market.” Seriously, are they funded by China?

Last week one more example of Republican obstruction occurred — blockage of an important “Make It In America” bill — and one more time not a single corporate media outlet reported it.


7 thoughts on “Backed By China? House Republicans Block Critical ‘Make It In America’ Bill

    • Republicans’ alleged investment in Chinese companies is not their primary motive here. Theirs is a fanatical ideological commitment to usurp the federal government, including the exercise of democracy at the national level, with a “free-market” oligarchy or plutocracy. The obsessive passion behind this conservative philosophy can be traced back to the pre-Civil War Antebellum Period where the issues of States’ Rights and nullification were used to defend the legitimacy of the Southern Plantation system and slavery. Today, this historical anti-government sentiment has morphed into a well-funded platform to establish the dominance of money over the sovereignty of regional governance. It consists of two rival factions: one at the corporate level represented by the GOP Establishment, and the other at the grassroots level represented by the Tea Party.


      • I fully agree with you (my remark was a little sarcastic). My understanding of the tea party movement however, is that it was engineered by corporate interests (that is the Koch brothers c.s.) under the pretext of a grassroots movement.


        • That’s a fairly accurate assessment, although I would say that the GOP Establishment exploited a previously marginalized and dormant grassroots movement which grew out of control. I liken it to Dr. Frankenstein and the rebirth of his Monster (i.e. the Tea Party). Regarding corporate interests, they are neither politically monolithic nor consistent. For example, Wall Street is generally aligned with the GOP but often support neo-liberal (i.e. corporatist) Democrats. Tony Blair had a similar relationship with the financial industry in the U.K., if I remember correctly. The Koch brothers are purely libertarian Tea Partiers whose family is deeply rooted in the infamous McCarthy Era John Birch Society. They don’t like Republican Party establishment types like Karl Rove very much.


  1. They are entirely happy to exploit growing Chinese influence to undermine the US government and weaken the American nation state. They see it as a means to increase global corporate power. The act completely outside of American interests.


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