On Sunday morning, the Rev. Deanna Vandiver was leading a service at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, a graceful, Gothic-style brick building in the city’s Freret neighborhood. The sanctuary, with 70 or 80 people, was nearly full, and included a group of teenagers who had just finished a week-long training in social justice.

The room was silent, as the congregation prayed for a young mother of two who had just lost her battle with cancer, for a social justice lawyer who had recently died, and for peace in Gaza.

That’s when the shouting started.

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Watch this poignant Rachel Maddow video where Rev. Deanna Vandiver condemns the blatant hypocrisy of anti-abortion extremists who advocate for religious freedom only when it conforms to their narrowly construed beliefs:  Anti-abortion extremists violate church sanctity

2 thoughts on “Anti-abortion fanatics invade a church service. Where’s the outrage?

  1. More evidence that progress can never be taken for granted — it has to be supported and promoted through our education systems and media. Rachel Maddow is terrific.


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