News that Facebook manipulated users’ news feeds to see if it made them feel blue now has some users seeing red.

Facebook is seeing backlash after participating in a study that involved the social media giant manipulating content seen by more than 600,000 users for a psychology experiment.


10 thoughts on “Users angered at Facebook emotion-manipulation study

  1. As a social scientists I have learned to take a few ethical principles into account; this study does violate these basic principles of doing research with humans. (The relevant principles are not causing harm to the participants and obtaining their informed consent beforehand.)


  2. I have a Facebook account so I can create a page attached to my Blog but my own account I keep very locked down. I don’t trust Facebook with my data or privacy. Facebook is losing market share already, this will only precipitate its decline. Facebook better get serious about privacy and ethics or it is going to regret it when another company comes along and promises both and offering a service very much like Facebook. There already is some smaller ones in existence.


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